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Perhaps you’ve come here specifically to learn more about digital on-demand printing of books and manuals. Or maybe you were directed here by a search engine because you are looking for some tidbit contained within the wealth of information we’ve posted for you. Want to track a shipment? How about testing your color vision? Whatever your objective, we are happy to have you here and hope you find this site useful.

If this is your first time here, we admit that the content can be rather daunting. If you should become lost, look to the navigation bar at the top of every page to negotiate the basics of our site. The home page also contains links to all major areas of this site. Please take a few minutes to look around.

The mission of this site is to better communicate with you. You will not find fancy graphics, animations, or under construction signs, or effects requiring the latest multimedia plugins. What you will find here is practical information, immediate links to file transfer protocol and to many other sources of information and downloads. Don't pass up our press release area, either. Far from being merely "brag sheets", many of these articles will answer your questions about digital print-on-demand.

Once you become a repeat visitor, you’ll quickly find that we update this site on an almost daily basis. You’ll want to visit our what’s new page often. Here you will learn about what’s happening at Copresco, the industry leader in digital on-demand printing. You’ll also find links to the parts of our site that will inform you about what is new in the industry, such as our monthly newsletter, Overnight Lite, our award winning technical bulletin series, TechTopics, as well as our other publications. If you have any suggestions or comments about the site itself, please contact us directly. Thanks for visiting. We hope to work with you soon.

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