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Business as Usual in Time of Crisis

It’s business as usual at Copresco. Like everyone else, we at Copresco deplore the senseless acts of violence that were recently carried out against our nation by misguided individuals. Our heartfelt prayers are with the thousands who were injured or lost loved ones in the carnage.

While those closest to the injured must take time to mourn losses and heal wounds, the rest of us, as a nation, must take a different course. We must demonstrate to the perpetrators of these heinous crimes that their actions were indeed in vain, their long-term plans have been foiled, their objectives remain thoroughly unmet.

The single best thing we in the business community can do to is to keep our businesses open, running, and productive. We must show that the wheels of commerce and industry continue to turn, at full speed, unhindered by their nefarious schemes.

This does not mean that we forget the tragedy of September 11, 2001. Our memories, as they will discover, can be very, very long. But this does mean that it is our duty to prove that democracy and capitalism cannot be stopped.

For three quarters of a century, the forces of communism tried to stop us, and we buried them. A handful of terrorists deserve no better.

God bless America,
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson, President

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