APEX Award Winner

APEX Award Winner

STC Award

APEX Award Winner

Johnson's World in American Printer Magazine

Johnson's World

Copresco President Steve Johnson's monthly editorial column reflecting on digital printing, graphic arts and the world in general.

October 2011 Johnson's World column has moved to
Quick Printing Magazine.
August 2011 Digital Printing Walks The Plank
July 2011 Don't Be A Museum Piece
June 2011 It's Not About The Press
May 2011 New Routes, Wrong Turns & The Road
Less Traveled
April 2011 Exchanging Ideas With Future Generations
March 2011 The Awesome Power Of Social Media
February 2011 It's All In The Cards
January 2011 Green Initiatives & Common Sense
December 2010 Holiday Thoughts
November 2010 A Tribute To Dick Gorelick
October 2010 Checkmate
September 2010 It's Like Printing $100 Bills
August 2010 I Was A Teenage Printer
July 2010 Make Your Printing Clickable
June 2010 Going Up — Discussing Viral Marketing
And Social Media
May 2010 Root, Root, Root For The Home Team
April 2010 Digital Presses Run The (Color) Gamut
March 2010 I'm On A Mission
February 2010 Who's A Printer?
January 2010 Another Decade
December 2009 Quality Is A Sticky Issue
November 2009 Fonts Still Matter
October 2009 Get Involved In Print's Evolution
September 2009 Print, By Any Other Name
August 2009 Three to get ready, four to go to PRINT 09
July 2009 There Are No Magic Print Markets
June 2009 Telling Your Company's Story
May 2009 Just The Facts
April 2009 The Holy Grail Of Digital Printing
March 2009 Letters About Mail
February 2009 Would You Print Less To Add More Value?
January 2009 Standing Resolute In The New Year
December 2008 The Colors Of The Season
November 2008 A Table For Two
October 2008 I Ought To Be In Pictures
September 2008 Would You Like Fries With That?
August 2008 Drawing Conclusions
Steve Johnson likeness by artist Barbara Carlson
July 2008 May I Have Your Attention?
June 2008 One For The Money, Two For The Show
May 2008 Whither Pluto?
April 2008 All Is Fair In Love, War And Printing
March 2008 Food For Thought
February 2008 More PURLs Before Swine
January 2008 PURLs Of Wisdom
December 2007 Don't Stop Believing - An Open Letter To Santa
November 2007 Musings, Streams and Flashes
October 2007 Johnson & Johnson: An Identity Crisis
September 2007 School Days
August 2007 Picture-Perfect Profits
July 2007 Paper Dolls
June 2007 Everyone's A Winner
May 2007 Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming
April 2007 History Lessons, Part 2
March 2007 History Lessons
February 2007 Ancillary or Essential?
January 2007 In My Humble Estimation
December 2006 I've Been Working on the Railroad
November 2006 The Stevie Awards
October 2006 Black Monday
September 2006 My Stream of Consciousness
August 2006 The Variety of Variable Printing
July 2006 You Might Already be a Winner
June 2006 Where Have All the Printers Gone
May 2006 Letters, We Get Letters
April 2006 Hey, Hey, Holy Mackerel
March 2006 All the News That's Fit to Print
February 2006 The Cookie Monster
January 2006 Welcome to my World
December 2005 Give the Gift of the Printed Word
October 2005 I'm Just Wild About Harry
August 2005 The Green, Green Pastures of Home
June 2005 Victoria's Real Secret
April 2005 Don’t Dilute the Value of Print
February 2005 The Sunny Side of Print
December 2004 But Is It Actionable?
October 2004 Be Wary of Sub-par Data & Sub-par Advice
August 2004 Different vs Differentiated
June 2004 Variable Printing in the Illinois Senate Race

Feature Stories

Feature articles from American Printer magazine relating to print on demand, written by or about Copresco.

July 2004 Getting better customer files
September 2003 The Copies Overnight/Copresco Story
March 2003 Avoiding On-Demand Paper Pitfalls
May 1996 Top 50 Fastest Growing Printers

Other Publications

Besides American Printer, Copresco is featured in these respected trade magazines.

December 2004 Overseas Printing Threatens U.S. Market
Business Ledger
January 2004 Charity and Printing—An Industry that Gives Back
Printing Impressions

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