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If You're Buried with Paperwork, Read On

   “The paperless society. Bah, humbug. I'm sitting at a desk surrounded by a mountain of memos, reports, spreadsheets and e-mail messages. And, to make matters even worse, I now have to print 75 copies of a 125-page instruction manual for our sales staff.”

Heard This Before?

   If this lament sounds all too familiar, you're not alone. Copresco hears comments like these all the time.
   Billed as marvelous repositories for all of your business documents, computers have become monsters that have insatiable appetites for paper consumption.

A Much Better Way

   There is a simple solution. It's called printing on-demand—the digital process that Copresco has pioneered for the past 20 years.
   Digital printing complements other conventional methods and cost-effectively fills the void for short runs of books, manuals, newsletters, directories, catalogs and other collateral materials.

For Example

   Take the 125-page instruction manual noted above. It would require nearly 10 reams of paper to produce the 75 copies, assuming that you can effectively print two-sided and don't run out of toner, ink cartridges or have much spoilage. Or lose your patience.
   And, what will you have for all your work? Just stacks of copy paper that need to be put into an effective presentation format.
   Give the same job to Copresco and here's what you'll get:

Consider This

   “On-demand printing saves you and your company valuable time. Repeat ordering is fast and convenient,” says Copresco president Steve Johnson.
   “Just give us the word, and your job will be reprinted exactly as it has been stored. No need to resend any of your file documents, graphics or fonts.”
   With digital technology, changes can be made quickly and easily to keep documents up-to-date.
   Individual pages, indexes, cover letters and other pieces can be tailored to meet specific needs.

And More..

   Additional flexibility is achieved with our variable data capabilities. We can create pieces that vary from impression to impression, based on information from your database.

No Good Reason

   With all these benefits to be gained, there is no good reason to Do It Yourself.
   So, when you need publications, books or manuals, do it the easy way.
   Call Copresco.

Sharing the Wealth

   Copresco has shared Achievement in Print Excellence Awards with our clients, Maureen Doheny Studios and Strategic Applications Incorporated.
   The prestigious awards included a Best of Division Award for a four-color product catalog and an Award of Merit for a product manual.

Maureen Doheny and Steve DeNault join Copresco president and CEO Steve Johnson for the awards presentation ceremony.

Awards Presentation

   Steve Johnson presented award recognition plaques from the Printing Industry of Illinois/Indiana Association to Maureen Doheny, graphic designer of the two pieces, and Steve DeNault of Strategic Applications.
   “The achievement awards reflect the highest standards of the printing industry,” according to Polly Jensen, president and CEO of the graphic arts trade association.

Prime Examples

   “The winning entries are excellent examples of the high-quality digital color work produced in our shop,” Steve added.
   “Digital on-demand printing was also the logical and most cost-effective solution for the short-run jobs.”

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