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Copresco’s on-demand printing for...

A Wide-Range of Publications, Books and Manuals

Copresco is nationally renowned as the leader in digital on-demand printing.

Millions of Impressions

We produce millions of black & white and color impressions for clients in the printing, educational, publishing, training, financial, association, technical and institutional fields for clients like you.

Digital Is Different

Digital printing is different from traditional printing because it deals with shorter press runs.

The smaller the quantity or length on the press, the more expensive conventional printing becomes.

If the run length is too small, the standard offset printing process becomes overly price prohibitive.

What is Considered Short?

Short runs may be less than a hundred books. Or, it can be as many as several thousand.

Of course, there are many factors that affect the crossover point between digital and offset.

That is why Copresco custom-calculates the price of every order instead of using a standard “price-list” system.

Unique Features

Features, such as electronic collation and inline insertion, are unique to the digital process and are especially advantageous when the printing requirements include a large number of pages.

Additional Benefits

Also, with Copresco’s digital workflow, there isn’t any waste or obsolescence. And, with our extremely fast turnaround, you will find that there’s no need to maintain large inventories.

A Broad Umbrella

Copresco offers an extensive array of black & white and digital color printing and binding capabilities under the broad umbrella of publications, books and manuals.

If your next project is a short run and has more than two pages, we should probably print and bind it at Copresco.

The following is a menu of projects that you may see running on any given day in our busy shop.

What We Do for You
And There's More...
And Even More..
We Could Go On and On

We could add more categories to this lengthy projects list, but we think you should get the general idea.

What to Do Next

When you need help with a digital project like we’ve mentioned here or a special need you may have, just call the company that has all the tools and the talent to deliver it to you right, right on time. Call Copresco.

No Laughing Matter

"Most companies don’t stick with their marketing programs. Consistently mailing a monthly newsletter for three decades is almost unheard of. Yes, I’m bragging."

So wrote Copresco President Steve Johnson in his monthly Johnson’s World column for Printing Impressions magazine.

Often controversial, always thought-provoking, Johnson used the 30th anniversary of Overnight Lite to demonstrate the long-term effectiveness of a printed newsletter.