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If you’re working, we’re working...

Copresco Is Open for Business as Usual to Serve You

We want to assure our customers: Copresco is open for business and will remain open.

In times of mass hysteria, the printed word is essential to accurate communication.

Our Commitment

Barring a total quarantine or the imposition of martial law, our dedicated team is fully committed to doing whatever is necessary to serve you.

Copresco stands by our Copies Overnight promise of producing 250,000 pages overnight for any client.

As our nation and our planet faces the current health challenge, misinformation is rampant on the internet and in broadcast media, exacerbating fear and contributing to the mass hysteria.

Public Trust

The public relies on print communications to provide trusted, accurate information and Copresco is working to uphold that trust.

Overnight Lite readers are intelligent people, so we won’t waste your time offering you sophomoric suggestions about how long to wash your hands.

We Are Here for You

Instead, let us assure you that Copresco is open for business, and we plan to remain open despite the current unprecedented circumstances.

Copresco serves clients in such essential sectors as food, healthcare and defense.

Anyone can provide good service in easy times. The real test of a company’s commitment to its mission is its performance during a crisis.

Challenges Ahead

Yes, there are challenges, as supply chains tighten for raw materials and government hinders day-to-day activities. Fear not. Copresco will find ways to overcome these obstacles so that you can breathe easier.


UPS and our other freight carriers have pledged their support to making on-time deliveries of your projects.

There may also be challenges with international shipments as much of the world moves to lock down its borders. In most cases freight can still be sent overseas, but the situation changes daily and depends on the country of destination.

Up and Running

We’ve made it through power outages, paper shortages, market crashes and the never ending snow storms that shut down much of the country.

Copresco even survived a tornado tearing our roof off and flooding our plant.

We were printing and open for business the next day.

Basic Rules

In extraordinary situations like these, remember to wash your hands frequently, turn off the television news, and call the company that has the know-how, the depth of experience and staff to weather any storm.

Call Copresco.

Only Thing To Fear Is Fear Itself

Fear is a perplexing, dangerous and unpleasant emotion that can cause anxiety and pain, especially in these uncertain days.

Words of Wisdom

Our forefathers dealt with this subject through inspiring expressions like these:

“Nothing is to be feared except fear itself” was written in 1623 by Sir Francis Bacon, an English philosopher and statesman.

David Henry Thoreau, an essayist, poet and philosopher expressed the thought this way in 1831: “Nothing is so much to be feared as fear.”

Famous Words

In his March 1933 inaugural address with the nation staring at a Great Depression, Franklin Roosevelt said: “Let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”

So, let’s take the fear out of our thoughts and look to a brighter day.

Celebrate Small Press Month

March is Small Press Month that celebrates the shining light of many of the great authors and publishers around the world.

The event began in 1996 when it was created by the New York City-based Small Press Center and the Publishers Marketing Association based in California.

The goal was to highlight the smaller publishing companies and to put a spotlight on the authors that are being represented.