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June 2020 Overnight Lites

Copresco’s special projects and research manager...

Jessica Pinkous Recognized for Leadership in Print

Copresco’s Jessica Pinkous has been honored for leadership as a 2020 Woman in Print by Print+Promo magazine.

Elise Hacking Carr, editor-in-chief/content director of the printing trade magazine, described her as, “a woman who is changing the narrative of women in a traditional male-dominated industry.”

Jessica joined Copresco 24 years ago as a full-charge bookkeeper.

Natural Talents

“She was well qualified in accounting but had no previous graphic arts experience. It soon became apparent that her natural curiosity and technical abilities made her an excellent candidate for our blossoming information technology endeavors,” says Copresco President Steve Johnson.

Taking Charge

“Jessica took the lead in shaping our fledgling computer prepress department into a well-organized workflow, with continuing streamlining and automation,” Steve said.

“She has twice managed the implementation of huge multi-year corporate management information systems projects, and supervises our entire plant when our production manager is on vacation.”

Jessica is an experienced art and newspaper photographer. Most of the photography on Copresco’s websites, press releases, newsletters, and promotional brochures are her creation.

Winning Ways

Copresco has won Newsletter Gold Awards, a Web2 Award, numerous APEX Awards including Grand Awards for websites, all of which were Jessica’s implementation.

Copresco has won many print quality awards, including Benny Awards, Gold Ink Awards, Graphic Excellence Awards, Xerox Printing Innovation Award, Pin-nacle Print Awards, a Print On Demand Innovation Award, and International Gallery Awards.

“These would not have been possible without Jessica’s contribution to our quality standards and procedures,” Steve stated.

Special Projects

“In addition to working on special projects to keep Copresco moving for-ward, she is currently implementing new company-wide MIS software, which involves job cost accounting and revamping of the estimating system,” Steve added.

Research and Development

Jessica is also actively involved in Copresco’s wide-ranging research and development activities.

“Most printing companies don’t even utilize R&D programs,” Steve says.

“Copresco has a strong commitment to continual expansion of our knowledge base to keep us on the forefront of our industry’s technological advancements.”

Jessica is also creating a fresh, new look for our website.

She has created, implemented, and managed various websites for both Copresco and for clients, from the days when our web presence was just one page to today’s mobile and data-driven sites,” Steve concluded.

A Continual Challenge

Jessica said that as long as she remains in good health and continues to be challenged at work, she has no plans to retire.

“I love the feel and look of the books we produce at Copresco, especially the perfect and plastic coil bound volumes. I love to be able to take photos now and then for Overnight Lite, our website and various press releases. Photography is a joyful challenge and a great creative outlet for me.

“When Copresco wins print quality awards, of which there have been many over the years, I am most proud because Copresco produces repeatedly, consistently high-quality color books as a result of the workflow quality controls I have put in place,” Jessica noted.

Good Advice

Jessica Pinkous“If you want a long-term career, print would be a good choice. Print will always be around. Be curious and keep learning with seminars, webinars, reading, etc., to stay up with the latest technology and industry trends.
As a photographer, I know that digital files have a short shelf life and the only way to really archive photos is to print them.”

Streamlined Website

As webmaster, Jessica wears many hats at Copresco and is now completely updating our www.copresco.com site.

The purpose of our website is to communicate with you. So, if you have any suggestions, comments or requests for improvements to the site, please drop us a line.