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July/August 2020 Overnight Lites

Copresco offers a better solution…

The How, Why & Wherefore of Overs and Unders

Have you ever ordered a printing project and didn’t get the quantity you wanted? That’s probably the result of an “overs-and-unders” practice.

Industry Custom

The reason behind this is the custom in the traditional printing industry to ship up to 10% over or 10% under the quantity ordered.

There is a good reason for the long-standing practice. The conventional printing process isn’t an exact science.

Consider This

For example, consider what’s involved in printing 500 full-color brochures.

This will require quite a few sheets for makeready and proofing, perhaps as many as needed for the whole print run! Additionally, you must allow for spoilage in the bindery process.

Getting What You Want

Some companies, most notably forms printers, have traditionally produced 110% of the quantity required as a standard procedure.

Copresco Is Different and Better

You will find that Copresco is much different. With our state-of-the-art digital printing processes, it’s much easier for us to deliver the quantity you request.

If you order 676 looseleaf books, we program our digital presses to produce 676 copies—and that’s the quantity that Copresco will deliver.

Binding Spoilage

Some bindery processes still require allowances for spoilage.

For example, saddle bound and perfect bound books printed on-demand must still go through standard bindery operations.

Inside Tips

Here are tips to ensure you get the quantities you need from Copresco.

1. Understand that 10% over or under means that you can theoretically get anywhere from 450 to 550 books for a 500 unit order.

In practice, Copresco hits your target quantity right on the nose. At most, we may be 1% or 2% over or under.

Additional Components

2. If you plan to provide us with project components (i.e., index tabs, ring binders, inserts or covers), be sure to allow for spoilage in each assembly operation.

We won’t be able to deliver the required quantity if you don’t provide sufficient amounts of the components required.

For example, if you need 500 training manuals printed and inserted into three-ring binders, make sure that we get 500 binders from your supplier, not the possible 450 under quantity.

There’s no problem if we get the 550 over quantity, we can easily print and insert another 50 copies if you like.

Save the Hassle

3. Save yourself time and trouble—let Copresco handle your job from start to finish, including black & white and color digital printing, index tabs, covers and binders as well as binding and finishing operations.

If you have questions on any facet of our total digital on-demand printing services, please call.

We’re Here for You

Copresco’s experienced staff is here to help you.

So, when you need help with digital printing issues—call the company that has the resources to solve your problem.

Call Copresco.

Standard Practices

The Industry Trade Customs reflect the common business practices of the printing and graphic communications industry.

Here is the industry overs/unders definition:

“Over-runs or Under-runs: Over-runs or under-runs will not exceed 10 percent of the quantity ordered. The provider will bill for actual quantity delivered within this tolerance.

“If the customer requires a guaranteed quantity, the percentage of tolerance must be stated at the time of quotation.”

APEX Award Winner

Copresco Company President Steve Johnson has won another APEX Award for Publication Excellence from Communications Concepts.

Steve was honored for his long-running “Johnson’s World” column.

5th Award

This is the fifth APEX Steve has received for columns in graphic arts media that serve as a forum for his insights on today’s graphic communications industry.

Monthly Feature

His monthly column has been featured in American Printer, Quick Printing, and most recently Printing Impressions.

Next month, the column moves to Printing News magazine, Wide Format & Signage, and WhatTheyThink.com.