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Copresco to the rescue...

For Herculean Book Printing & Binding Project

What do you do when you need a book printed? Well, it depends on the book. You’ll want to find a printer that specializes in book printing and binding.

That narrows the field a bit.

Complex Specs

What if the book is nearly 2” thick, calls for 11 different kinds of paper stocks, and consists of both full color and black-only pages?

Many book printers aren’t equipped to cost-effectively handle the integration of many colors and papers.

Oh, and did we mention that there are both 1- and 2-sided pages, and some (but not all) pages have full bleeds?

Turnaround Time

And what if the book is a commemorative edition that needs to be printed, perfect bound, and delivered for a Monday event, but the print files won’t even be ready until the weekend?

Is there anyone who can complete such a complex project correctly, on time, and without sacrificing quality?

Advice for Printers

Now, what if you are a printer yourself, and a valued customer has just sprung this project on you?

You really aren’t configured to accommodate such a specialized project under any circumstances, and the “impossible” deadline makes it, well, impossible.

Call a Friend

Wanting to take care of a good client, you call a friend who works at a much larger commercial printing company.

Could his company possibly help? Absolutely not, his friend replies, and furthermore, there’s only one printer in the world who can possibly handle a project with these specifications.

Saul and Steve inspect the final trim on a rush book at Copresco

3-knife trimmer operator Saul Gordillo and President Steve Johnson inspect the final trim on the rush book before shipping.

Better Call Copresco

On his friend’s advice, the increasingly worried printer calls Copresco. Can Copresco really get this done?

The answer, of course, is yes. Not maybe, not perhaps, but yes, we can, because seemingly impossible deadlines are what Copresco is all about.

Into Our Workflow

Even though the files aren’t quite ready, even though the client isn’t yet sure of the exact page count or quantity, Copresco fits this behemoth of a book into our schedule.

But Wait, There’s More

The relieved printer promises to send Copresco the files for the body pages just as soon as his client is done writing and assembling them.

In the meantime, since the cover artwork is already in his hands, the printer sets to work printing the full color, full bleed covers for the book, which he will furnish to Copresco. We offer to print the covers, but he says he wants to keep them in-house.

Leave the Details to Us

We could spell out the production process in excruciating detail, but does it really matter to the client how Copresco manages to fulfill its Copies Overnight promise, time after time, every time?

One of Few

Suffice it to say that Copresco is one of the very few digital printers who can print and collate 11 different paper stocks and inserts inline.

A Catch!

The printer delivers the covers to Copresco just in time for binding the books. Oh, no! The ink on the covers is still wet! Can Copresco print and film laminate new covers on the spot, ready for binding?

Gorgeous Color

We can! We do! Another surprise: Copresco’s award-winning digital color looks gorgeous!

Copresco’s color is actually more accurate than the color on the furnished offset-printed covers that are still too wet to use.

The Conclusion

The moral of the story is obvious. Whether you are a printing company, a print broker, a writer, a publisher, or just someone with a lot of pages that you need printed and bound in a hurry, you need to call the company with the equipment, the craftsmanship, the technology, and the commitment to complete your project accurately, beautifully, and on time.

Call Copresco.

Editorial Excellence Award

Copresco President Steve Johnson was recognized in Folio Magazine’s Eddie & Ozzie Awards for his monthly Johnson’s World magazine column.

Steve garnered accolades for editorial excellence in the Business-to-Business Media & Entertainment category.