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Form follows function...

A Book Isn’t Finished Until It Has a Quality Binding

How do you turn a stack of printed sheets into a book? With a good binding, of course.

Copresco has binding styles to complement all facets of our digital black & white and color printing work.

Think About Binding First

We strongly recommend that you determine your binding style at the start of your project.

Size, intended use, expected life and price are the important factors to consider.

Remember, the binding style that works well for a best-selling novel may be poorly suited to a school workbook!

Mechanical Binding

Applications for mechanical binding range from instruction manuals, employee handbooks and policy manuals to cookbooks, calendars and directories.

Additional binding applications include convention and trade show materials, training and technical manuals as well as conference proceedings and workbooks.

Soft and Hard Covers

Perfect and case binding may be more practical for marketed books and someone who wants to cozy up to in front of the fireplace with a good novel or a romantic software manual.

But these binding methods are not desirable for instructions or reference applications.

Just try mixing the ingredients of a tempting pasta sauce while you’re holding the cookbook in one hand and trying to read the recipe while stirring the ingredients with the other.

Same Problem

This principle applies to other types of instruction documents.

Try explaining the benefits of your company’s vacation policy that are located on pages 15-18 of a 72-page saddle stitched manual while trying to hold a telephone conversation and take notes at the same time.

Coil Binding

Coil has been a winner in Copresco’s binding and finishing domain for many years. It offers the benefits of durability and the ability of books to lie flat for easy reference and reading.

Copresco’s double loop wire and plastic coil are highly recommended.

Plastic comb (GBC) bindings work well for thick books that can lie flat and have printed spines, but their popularity has continually waned in recent years.

Double Loop Wire

This strong, good-looking wire binding method is ideal for books that receive heavy usage and need to lie perfectly flat for easy referencing, with facing pages evenly aligned across from each other.

Books can also be doubled over, an especially useful feature for technical manuals, cookbooks, notebooks and directories.

Double loop is also a popular choice for wall calendars because it permits the calendar to hang straight and allows the pages to turn easily.

Plastic Coil

Similar in style to old-fashioned single-loop wire, plastic coil continues to increase in popularity due to its attractive pricing and rugged durability. It is stronger than wire and won’t be easily crushed or bent out of shape.

Plastic coil also comes in various colors that will enhance your overall presentation.

Books may be doubled over, but the pages may not align as evenly as double loop-bound documents.

Consider This...

Looseleaf, three-ring or notebook style—call it what you may—this binding method lets you add, subtract, edit or update pages with ease. Should you need to replace page 72 of your book, for example, simply open the rings and replace the old page with its new replacement.

Ring Binders

Sturdy vinyl or polyurethane ring binders—available in a variety of styles, colors and materials—will cover and protect your valuable contents better than most other binding methods.


Don’t forget to consider index tab dividers to help organize your book and make it more user-friendly.


If you are looking for a top-of-the line way to make your publication stand out, consider cover lamination. The process enhances the aesthetics and adds value to your project.

Lamination will also provide added strength, durability and permanence as well as valuable protection against fingerprints, smudges, scratches, rubbing, wrinkles and stains.

A Final Word of Advice

Not convinced that you need print? Be careful not to spill sauce on your laptop when finishing your spaghetti recipe.

The Place to Call

So, when you need help with a digital printing project, no matter what binding style you may need, be sure to call the on-demand leader.

Call Copresco.