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Paper shortages won’t stop Copresco...

A Bit of Good News for Future Paper Availability

Finland is far, far away from most of our readers, but its impact has been significant in 2022.

A massive labor strike by some 2000 or so workers employed by forest product conglomerate UPM had idled paper and pulp mills in Finland since the first of the year. This strike is finally over.

Many Factors

The strike has exacerbated a paper shortage caused by a combination of covid-related labor shortages, ongoing transportation bottlenecks, and long-term mill closures.

Traditionally “off-shore” paper helps to smooth out fluctuations in domestic paper production. UPM’s Finnish mills accounted for a surprisingly large amount of North American printing paper imports.

Light at the End

“Please be aware that we have a lead-time of up to 5 months for all of our European and overseas deliveries,” a UPM spokesman said.

That means that the end of the strike won’t instantly loosen the tight paper market, but it is the first ray of sunshine at the end of the tunnel.

Follow These Tips

As we’ve suggested, a little common-sense planning can go a long way toward minimizing paper supply problems.

Let us know as soon as possible what your deadline is so we can put your project into our work schedule and deal with any paper or bindery issues.

Of course, we understand that extra time isn’t always available. Copresco still excels at rush turnaround.

Don’t “fudge” the delivery date. Those of you not used to Copresco’s commitment to on-time delivery might be tempted to give a due date several days before delivery is actually needed. Giving us an extra day or two may enable us to purchase paper and materials more efficiently, meaning you’ll pay no more than necessary.

Be Flexible

Copresco may need to substitute an equivalent paper stock if the paper you have specified simply isn’t available.

We’re happy to suggest substitutions that will lead to a satisfactory grade that meets all your objectives.

So when you need books, manuals, or publications, call the company that always comes through, in good times and bad. Call Copresco.

Distinguished Award

Steve Johnson is delighted with our newsletter's STC award.

Copresco’s Overnight Lite newsletter has won a Distinguished Award for editorial excellence and printing quality from the Chicago Society for Technical Communication (STC).

STC Awards recognize the outstanding work of technical communication professionals. A panel of STC judges evaluated our newsletter for its writing, editing, artwork and layout.

Clear & Concise

Judges stated that the newsletter’s writing is clear and concise with a tone that is approachable and friendly. They also liked the use of appropriate and attractive images and illustrations, the balanced layout, consistent typography and nice color palette.

Seasonal masthead graphics that add a friendly touch were also noted and “Overnight Lite’s great print quality” drew the judges’ praise.

We hope you enjoy each issue of Overnight Lite as much as the judges do!

Strouse Retires

Longtime editor-in-chief of Copresco’s Overnight Lite newsletter has retired after three decades of superintending one of the longest-running publications in the business communications industry.

Lee Strouse, proprietor of Wordcraft, took over editorial duties of our fledging newsletter after Copresco president and Overnight Lite publisher Steve Johnson realized that he needed professional help to make the newsletter a truly valuable resource to clients and prospects.

More Technical Info

Under Lee’s leadership the content of Overnight Lite shifted from mostly humor to more serious technical and informational articles. He recruited Lite’s designer David Dankovich and cartoonist Christopher Garcia, and full color was implemented on Strouse’s watch.

So Many Awards!

During Lee’s tenure Lite has won the Newsletter On Newsletters Award, the Graphic Excellence Award, the International Gallery Award, numerous Apex Awards, and the Society of Technical Communications Award (see above.)

Lee, who resides in Phoenix Arizona, will fend off boredom by remaining as editor of our jokes page and handling public relations for Copresco.