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Craftsmanship still lives at Copresco...

There Is More To Quality Than Pretty Pictures

Recently a client came to Copresco in need of training workbooks for a series of workplace safety classes he was conducting.

Print & Distribute

The classes would take place in multiple cities on various dates.

The client needed a vendor to print and bind his workbooks and send them to each training destination to arrive just in time for each workshop.

Copresco was the perfect choice.

But Wait…

There was one more thing. The client also wanted us to include printed copies of his presentation with each shipment.

Alexa, Bind My Books

The presentation booklets were already printed by one of Copresco’s competitors.

“I got them from Amazon,” he told us. “You can’t touch their price.”

Cheap Looks Cheap

Whoa! The binding on the furnished booklets looked terrible. Obviously the perfect binder was set up incorrectly, and either no one was paying attention during the binding process, or no one cared.

Either way, Amazon’s end product was substandard. The defective binding was immediately noticed by everyone at Copresco.

…There’s More

Despite the poor binding, our client opted to use the Amazon booklets.

That is, until we discovered a book that was not only poorly bound, but bound upside-down.

Yes, the cover was on backwards.

The Human Touch

In today’s era of shortrun print-on-demand many organizations have installed automated systems to eliminate human interaction.

Automation is great, but it must be combined with, rather than eliminate, the human touch. At Copresco, we’re proud to take advantage of the latest technology, but even more proud of our skilled craftspeople who are on hand to catch the problems that even the best of automated systems miss.

The Many Forms of Quality

Almost everyone claims to offer “high quality” but what exactly does that mean?

Critical Details

The workbooks and presentation materials in the case history above are for a forklift safety training class. Neither the images nor the subject matter are glamorous, yet the contents of the course are literally a matter of life and death.

Copresco won’t win any awards for printing this workbook, but we’ll take satisfaction in a job well done.

Gorgeous Graphics

Copresco’s walls and shelves are covered with awards for print quality, meaning beautiful color and breathtaking images. We’re justifiably proud of our award-winning work.

Nonetheless, there is much more to quality than flashy images.

Professional Appearance

Lastly, quality is often simply a professional appearance. Even a book containing only black print on white paper needs Copresco’s quality.

Is the proper typeface used, or did the printer substitute fonts? Is the text centered on the page, or does the type run into the binding, making it difficult to read? Is the type sharp and clear? Are the illustrations of high resolution or are they blurry?

Binding matters too. Do the pages turn easily? Are any sheets falling out of the book? And for goodness’ sake, are all the pages intact, in the right order, and right-side up?


Quality can be as simple as our production and prepress staff catching typographical errors missed by our client’s spellcheck software.

So when you need books, manuals, or publications that are beautiful, accurate, and professional in appearance, call the company that offers it all.

Call Copresco.