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Copresco's Flagship Newsletter Wins APEX Award of Excellence

Copresco has won an APEX Award of Excellence for its Overnight Lite newsletter.

Overnight Lite is the flagship of Copresco's marketing communications program and has been published and mailed continuously for 30 years. "We are extremely proud of this achievement. It is virtually unheard of in today's world of diminishing print publications," says Copresco President Steve Johnson.

Overnight Lite combines humor with product and technical information and general news. Over 2000 clients and prospects receive the publication that is digitally printed in-house in full color. Other readers my view the newsletter in multiple formats on the company's website.

APEX Awards are based on excellence in graphic design, editorial content and the ability to achieve overall communications excellence.

Copresco has won multiple APEX newsletter awards as well as recognition for its marketing communications, website and technical bulletins. Steve Johnson has won APEX Awards for his printing industry magazine columns.

Copresco produces millions of pages of short-run publications, books, manuals and publications. Projects range from booklets, catalogs, handbooks, textbooks and technical materials to training aids, guidebooks, newsletters, calendars and cookbooks.

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