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Copresco Installs a Konica-Minolta Digital Printing Press

Copresco has installed a Konica-Minolta 6136P digital printing press that combines spectacular black & white print reproduction with the latest high-speed production technology.

“The people at Konica-Minolta were stunned by the amount of work Copresco put their machine through in the first month,” noted Copresco President Steve Johnson. “At Copresco we’re serious about our Copies Overnight promise of producing 250,000 pages overnight for any client,” Johnson explained. “We put every new piece of equipment through hours of testing procedures to make certain that the results meet our rigorous standards.

“Twelve years ago, in the face of a severe economic downturn Copresco resisted the temptation to hunker down and instead invested heavily in new equipment to meet the demands of our clients in the recovery that we knew would come,” Johnson says. “We still subscribe to that philosophy.”

One important feature of the new press is its ability to handle lighter weight papers. “In the digital world it is unusual to run papers lighter than the conventional 50- or 60-pound weights, but lightweight book papers are a great way to reduce bulk and save on shipping and mailing costs. Lighter weights also lighten the load for students carrying backpacks full of textbooks,” Johnson stated.

“The 6136P’s tone controls are the best we’ve ever seen. This allows us to make last minute tweaks to high-quality artwork. It also means that beautiful monochrome reproduction of art books, for example, no longer need to be run on a more expensive press.”

The press’s expanded inline inserting capabilities make it easier than ever to add index tabs, inserts, and multiple pages of color into black and white books, catalogs, manuals and publications.

Along with the new machine, Copresco purchased KonicaMinolta’s AccurioPro Flux Premium software to better control all of these new features. AccurioPro Flux Premium will link the new press with our automated Switch workflow.

The end result is faster turnaround, more efficient production, greater accuracy, and even higher quality. “Who would have thought that Copresco could further improve on its famous Copies Overnight turnaround and award-winning quality? There is always room for improvement at Copresco,” Johnson concluded.

Copresco produces millions of pages of short-run publications, books and manuals. Projects range from booklets, catalogs, handbooks, textbooks and technical materials to training aids, guidebooks, newsletters, calendars and cookbooks.

Copresco President Steve Johnson is all smiles about the installation of a Konica-Minolta 6136P digital printing press.

Photo by Jessica Pinkous