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All Docutechs Are Not Created Equal

Several years back, a prospective customer told me, “I figure that all docutechs print the same, so the only issue is who has the lowest price.” In that case, I asked, why are you considering Copresco? “I’m just not happy with my current source!” he replied.

There are many implications in the above exchange, but let’s look at just one aspect of the prospect’s first statement. Do all docutechs print the same?

At Copresco, we installed our first docutech in 1990, because it appeared to address some shortcomings with the Kodak equipment we used in the 1980s. As innovators in the digital printing arena, we’ve worked very hard to take steps to be sure that all docutech printers are not created equal. If they were, Copresco wouldn’t be The Digital Printer That Printers Use. Consider these points:

What’s a Docutech? The first docutechs were a radical departure for Xerox Corporation. They weren’t copiers, and they didn’t have cryptic number-names like “9210” and “5075.” Now that the name “docutech” has become synonymous with digital on-demand printing, the marketing wizards at Xerox are calling everything they make a “docutech”. My favorite is the “DocuTech 65,” billed by Xerox as an “entry-level production printer.” It would take several dozen of these babies to produce what Copresco’s Docutech model 6180s can do each month! Be sure to check with your digital print provider to see what sort of “docutechs” they really have!

Next time, we’ll consider additional differences between docutechs and digital on-demand printers. Watch this space.

Steve Johnson, President

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