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Promotional Wall Calendar for Your Business

   Since ancient times mankind has kept track of important dates, times and events with calendars.
   In the commercial and professional world, we depend on wall calendars to keep us informed about our important dates and times.

Get Ready for 2017

   Now is the perfect time to get a 2017 wall calendar edition underway for your organization.
   Some may believe this is a bit too early, but think about all the planning, design, layout and production steps required to make a calendar that will wow the recipients.

A Thing of Beauty

   When you are ready to print your calendar, contact Copresco. We will turn your creation into a beautiful object of art in just a matter of days.

Great Business Gifts

   Calendars offer you unique opportunities to communicate a wealth of information and gain a lot of good will in return.
   Perfect as gifts for businesses of all types, wall calendars are also widely used in fundraising campaigns for churches, clubs, schools and charities.

Show Biz

   Useful for virtually any business, wall calendars keep your company’s name and promotional message in front of customers, shareholders and general public for the entire life of the piece.

Valuable Planning Tool

   They’re a perfect place to feature company holidays, tax reporting dates, special events and meeting times.
   Custom-tailored calendars featuring photos and graphics of your company’s products or services, with your logo and ad copy, make long-lasting impressions.

Creative Flexibility

   A nicely designed and well printed calendar offers unlimited promotional value for associations, manufacturers, service providers, medical groups and professional organizations.


   You can do your own design and production of a calendar using personal pictures and/or stock photos and artwork.
   There’s a large selection of software programs available for do-it-yourself calendar makers.
   For the professional touch, a graphic artist can create a stylish piece designed to meet your personal tastes for color, photos and artwork.

OnDemand Benefits

   With Copresco’s digital ondemand workflow for your black & white and full color projects, you can run a few dozen calendars or several thousand.

Oblong Sheets

   Our new digital color capabilities to print sheet sizes from 13” wide by up to 27½” long, give you endless choices for creative wall calendar applications. And, you will love the gorgeous color treatment of your photos and graphics.

A Full Year or More?

   Even though a 12-month calendar may be the norm, you may want to opt for 13 months or more. Studies show that many calendar recipients prefer the ability to note appointments and events in January or other months of the following year. If your business operates on a quarterly basis, a 16-month calendar may work best for you.

Gloss or Not

   Coated or gloss paper stocks that are typically used for full color calendars have one annoying drawback for some users—they’re hard to write on
   Copresco has uncoated sheets that rival the quality of gloss stock and work very well for calendars.

Binding Selections

   Calendars are usually produced in fourpage saddle stitched signatures, making the 12-month calendar a 24-page document.
   For a more durable and better-looking binding, Copresco suggests that you consider double-loop wire.
   Plastic coil is another popular binding style that can enhance your overall presentation.

There You Have It

   Calendars have become a business necessity that commands attention day in and day out, month after month.
   So, call the company that can help you make a lasting impression with this creative planning tool.
   Call Copresco.

Not Suitable for Hanging

   A company we know of was proud of the calendar they printed inhouse.

A Slight Glitch

   It was a piece that could be admired. Except for one glaring error. There was no hole made to hang the calendar on the wall. And a handheld paper punch just wouldn’t do the trick.

Call a Pro

   To avoid embarrassing situations like this, our clients understand why it is better to call Copresco for all of their digital printing needs. They know that we will do your projects right...from start to finish.

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