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A love letter to the printed book…

The Sheer Ease and Joy of Reading a Printed Book

Last year in the August issue of Overnight Lite we reviewed the vast amount of data collected during the lockdown that categorically demonstrated the superiority of print over screens for learning.

Intangible Benefits

While analyzing the objective academic studies we may have overlooked another important, if less tangible, benefit of reading in print: what reader Heidi Shierry calls “joy of reading a printed book.”

Our article inspired her to write Copresco President Steve Johnson this note, which we reprint here for your edification and enjoyment.

Dear Steve

I wanted to drop you a note about the most recent edition of Overnight Lite. I read the article about why people need to read print with a great deal of appreciation.

I was once an avid Kindle reader and initially found it fascinating to be able to carry one little pad and have thousands of books available at the touch of a finger.

Can’t Remember

I had purchased and read almost 1,200 books on my Kindle, but then I began to realize that as soon as I was finished with a book, I couldn’t tell you anything about it.

Blue Light Problems

Then I began to have some neurological problems associated with too much blue light. My doctor advised me to stop reading my Kindle and go back to print books.

I took his advice and shelved the Kindle.

You Miss So Much

I never realized all that I was missing out on by reading on a Kindle.

First there is the feel of the book and its weight in your hands. Then the smell of the paper when you fan the book pages, and the feel of paper and actually turning a page instead of swiping.

I have found that the pleasure of reading a book is very impactful.

Peace and Joy

The ease and joy of holding a book in my hands, the ability to remember more of the details of what I have read, and being able to better immerse myself in the contents and reality of the story is overwhelming and brings a sense of peace to my mind and greater joy in having read the book.


My Kindle sits on a shelf in my home office collecting dust. I suppose I should recycle it.

Meanwhile the piles of books have grown as well as my excitement to delve into the next one to read.

No More Problems

Gone are the neurological problems associated with too much blue light. I have rediscovered the joy of reading a printed book.

Thank You

Thank you for printing the article. I hope that it makes people think about digital versus print, and that some of them will again take up reading printed articles, books, etc. and realize the joy they have been missing.

For More Information

Thanks Heidi, for reminding us all of the value of the printed word.

Heidi instinctively knew what science has confirmed. Want to learn more? Visit the Why Print link on Copresco’s web page for links to dozens of studies that detail the many advantages of using print to convey your message.

These Are Better In Print

Books aren’t the only product that technology has tried to replace but fallen short. One example is cookbooks.

The novelty and convenience of looking up recipes on the internet soon faded as people returned to printed cookbooks so they could scribble notations and changes in the margins.

Here’s some items that can be digital in format but provide more value and usability in printed form:

  • cookbooks
  • catalogs
  • literary journals
  • textbooks
  • instructions
  • employee handbooks
  • policy manuals
  • directories
  • calendars
  • planners
  • training materials
  • technical manuals
  • conference proceedings
  • workbooks
  • yearbooks
  • guidebooks
  • benefit plans
  • reports
  • monographs
  • recruitment materials
  • reference guides

  • Summer Holidays

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    We’d also like to let you know in advance that Copresco will be closed both Monday July 3 and Tuesday July 4 for Independence Day.