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All Docutechs Are Not Equal
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All Docutechs Are Not Created Equal III

In my last two columns, you and I looked at some oft-overlooked snares that may entrap you when looking for a docutech printer. Now that we’ve considered the docutech machinery, let’s look at the differences that one digital on-demand printer may have over another.

Who’s running those docutechs? Many advertisements, infomercials, and case histories by folks who should know better emphasize that digital on-demand printing can be accomplished by unskilled (translation: underpaid) workers who can be trained in a couple of days or weeks. Unfortunately, some digital printers overextend themselves badly when leasing the docutech, then try to compensate when hiring press operators. This practice may go a long way toward explaining why some people perceive “low quality” as inherent in the digital on-demand print process.

I’ve worked in this industry for decades, and my partner Chuck Legorreta and I have put systems in place to assure that Copresco doesn’t fall into the traps listed above:

  • Our highly skilled operators (and everyone else at Copresco) have extensive experience in a wide cross section of the graphic arts.
  • Copresco’s eschews docutech operators per se, in favor of a digital team that does all massaging and processing of your digital files as well as printing out your work. Refusal to compartmentalize our workforce means a much greater breadth of experience at Copresco than can be found at any other outfit that utilizes docutechs.
  • Constant training, including cross-training between teams, makes a perfect match with the ongoing upgrading of leading edge technology that Copresco employs.

Notice gray hair when touring Copresco’s plant? We’re proud of the many years of cumulative experience that our people bring to bear on your work.

Next time, we’ll wrap up this series highlighting the differences between docutech printers.

Steve Johnson, President

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