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Larry the Lynx

Hi, I’m Larry! What is a wild animal like me doing at a site that supports Copresco’s digital on-demand book and manual printing services? Who better than a lynx in the snow to spread the word about all the cool links to be found in this section of

There are a lot of links here! Before you delve in, you might want to read my links statement of purpose/faq page.

Because this area covers such a wide range of links, we have broken them up into categories. They are listed below in approximate order of importance. Of course, importance presumes that you are interested in digital on-demand printing!

Essential Links

Make it a point to check this section regularly. The health of your business may depend on it!
Virus Protection
Software Patches & Fixes for Macintosh
Software Patches & Fixes for Windows

Very Important Links

File Transfer Software for Windows
File Transfer Software for Macintosh
Compression Software
Printer Drivers

Useful Links

Colorblindness Test
Copresco-hosted Websites
Software Manufacturers
Package Tracking

Search Engines

If you find any problems such as expired or redirected links, slow-loading sites, or inappropriate material, please contact me,
and please follow @larrythelynx on Twitter or friend Larry TheLynx on Facebook to find lots more links as I track them down.

Happy Browsing,

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