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The Spirit of the Season

I telephoned the president of one of my competitors in October. While waiting for him to take my call, I listened to his hold music. Silent Night. Wait a minute! The Great Pumpkin hadn’t even come yet, and he was playing Christmas Carols!

“I’m just doing what the stores down here do,” laughed Ray Kontof of LaSalle Copy Service in the Chicago’s South Loop. “Christmas season is in full swing in the drugstore across the street.”

After our first snow here in Northern Illinois on Thanksgiving week, I’ve been finally able to get into the spirit of the season myself. This holiday period between Thanksgiving, when we count our past and present blessings, and New Year’s, when we plan for our future prosperity, is the ideal time to pause and reflect. This is true whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, or wrapping up Ramadan.

This year, here are my thoughts for the holiday season.

  • Our customers are king Sounds like a hackneyed old cliché, but what is a cliché other than a truism that has withstood the test of time? I’m happy to say that you folks are a delight to work with. On behalf of Copresco’s entire staff, I thank all our customers for being so great. You make it worthwhile for Copresco to go the extra mile for you.
  • Our vendors are the same Thanks to all our suppliers, without whom Copresco could not maintain our top level of service. We appreciate your adopting Copresco’s philosophy of customer service over all. And thanks to Community Bank for supplying an especially important raw material.
  • Thanks to Santa Claus for helping me to understand the true meaning of Christmas. Santa isn’t a poster in a store. He is the spirit of St Nicholas, who showed by example long ago that the real joy of the season is in giving of one’s self, and that the need to give (and joy of giving) is a season that never ends.
  • …And thanks to Virginia that stalwart denizen of Copresco’s holiday website, whose childlike inquiry from 1897 still helps us to put the season in the proper perspective.

Merry Christmas. And we look forward to working with you in 2004.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson, President

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