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Frankly, it saddens me to see so many digital printing firms closing up shop. While it might seem like the elimination of Copresco's rivals would be good for business (as indeed it has been) the fact is that quite a few of these shops were owned by friends. Truth be told, many of them occasionally sent work out to Copresco when volumes became too much for them to handle themselves.

No one knows better than I do how much of themselves these owners put into their businesses. But in these tough times only the strong will survive. Some are opting for bankruptcy, while other are simply shutting their doors. Many more are downsizing so far that they are barely recognizable.

If your digital printing source is gone, or severely downsized, we want you to know this: if you enjoyed working with anyone in particular at one of Copresco's competitors, you can continue to work with them. At Copresco. The Digital Printer that Printers Use. We are always looking for good people. Why not suggest they apply at Copresco?

If you are a print professional with digital experience, or if you have a solid background in the traditional printing industry and would like to break into digital, give us a call. Are you a seasoned docutech or color digital professional who is tired of being used like a copier operator? Visit our Help Wanted pages.

Yes, our standards are high. Yes, the hours are demanding. Yes, the pressure of fulfilling Copresco's overnight promise can be daunting. Indeed, Copresco is not the place for everyone to work. Only the best. Does this apply to you, or to someone you know?

I hope to hear from you soon.

Steve Johnson, President

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