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Wishing You A Timeless Holiday

Every year I write a Christmas message for this column. I begin with a few remarks to personalize the message to fit the tenor of the times. That formality out of the way, I proceed to admonish everyone to count their blessings and to look forward optimistically to the coming new year.

As I struggle to find a way to make this message different from last year's (or the year before's, or the year before that's) I realized that the true spirit of this holiday season is, in fact, timeless.

You don't need Copresco President Steve Johnson to find some clever new way to admonish you to be thankful, to count your blessings, to remember the true meaning of Christmas, or to have a happy and prosperous new year.

Instead, I'll just point you toward Copresco's holiday giving page, where you'll find links to those using actions rather than words to demonstrate the spirit of the season. And doing so all year round, I might add. If you wish for truly timeless holiday wisdom, I once again direct your attention to Virginia, the Copresco website's oldest permanent resident.

After saying all that, I still can't help myself. What would a holiday message be without a closing wish?

Have a joyous holiday. May the timeless spirit of the season permeate your world now and throughout 2005.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson, President

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