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Are you growing weary of the incessant buzz about social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the like?

I'm an accomplished user of these tools, but I'll be the first to tell you that there is nothing magic about them. So-called "social media" or "web 2.0" applications are just one more way to stay in touch. Just like this website, or the printed pieces that you turn to Copresco for, these social networks help us to get the very latest news. They also keep us from getting too far out of touch with each other.

I typically post several items each day, just enough to keep things fresh without overwhelming my connections.

You may be surprised to find that many of my posts go far beyond the topic of ink on paper. You will find links and information concerning literacy, publishing, ebooks, arts and literature, design, advertising, branding, and (every now and then) the accomplishments of my kids and grandkids. I'll even confess to throwing in some of my trademark humor on occasion.

Hungry for Johnson's World with a side of Copresco? How do you like your internet served up? Here's today's menu.

Most business people gravitate toward LinkedIn and Plaxo, and everyone seems to have a Facebook account. Young and old alike are perplexed by Twitter, but microblogging fans swear by it. The artsy among you still use MySpace and the visually oriented opt for YouTube. American Printer is for you who prefer your editorials in print.

The head of national printing association (who is famous for being out of touch) recently publicly declared to his members that his personal Facebook account was "off limits, that's my personal site and none of your business." I don't think he gets the concept.

If you friend, link, tweet or space me, what you see is what you will get. Here at Copresco we have nothing to hide and much to offer. I invite you to take advantage of our knowledge today. We're happy to share.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson, President

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