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The Eternal Message of the Holidays

Here at Copresco we make digital on-demand printing and publishing look easy. We produce award winning books, manuals, publications, calendars and training materials at blinding speeds that make our competition dizzy. We have the right systems and the right people in place so for us, working such miracles is easy.

Writing a new holiday message each year is not easy. You, our cherished clients, suppliers and friends, are too important to Copresco for me to send you a used greeting. And yet, in a larger sense, the message of the holiday season is eternal and unchanging.

This year I'm not even going to try to write a new message. Instead, I'm revisiting some of our most popular Christmas greetings from years past.

In 2005 and 2009, we waxed poetical by featuring send-ups of the classics 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and Stopping By The Woods On A Snowy Evening. We had lots of fun personalizing these familiar ditties and making them our own.

It is amazing how much websites have changed over the years. I'm appalled by the annoying auto-play music files we used for our Spirit of the Season message in 2003, our White Christmas message from 2002 (whose music was actually pretty swinging) or our very first Happy Holidays message from 2001. I've left the old midi music files in place for your amusement. Be assured that our good wishes remain as sincere as ever.

I even note that I've struggled in the past with the problem of repetative yule messages, as exemplified in Wishing You a Timeless Holiday from 2004.

After taking this little walk down memory lane, I realized that the true message of Christmas is to be found on the oldest holiday page on our website. Please take a moment to re-read Yes Virginia There Is A Santa Claus from 1897. Herein lies the eternal message of the holiday season.

Wishing You And Yours Happy Holidays,

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson, President

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